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    You work very hard because you want to provide to your family. But it is more than giving them a nice place to stay and bringing food to the table. You need to make a quality time where you can bond with the whole family. That’s the reason why family vacation is important. Going together to a new place for a vacation will give chance for your family to relax and refreshing in new atmosphere and more importantly, there will be a lot of fun things your family will share together. This summer is the right time for a family vacation and when you need an ideal destination, it is highly recommended to visit Kefalonia.

    That name may not be really familiar but you definitely familiar with Greece or Mediterranean. Yes, Kefalonia is part of Greece. Also known as Cephalonia, this is one, and the largest, island of the Ionians Islands. It is located on the Ionian Sea at the western part of Greece. It seems like half the world away there and it may not as famous as the tropical islands in Asia or Indian Ocean but this wonderful island will make a perfect destination for a family vacation. There are a lot of things to explore and your family will love the atmosphere offered there.

    It is easy to know that this island has beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere with warm weather. You will love to explore this beautiful paradise and the unique local culture. What can you find here in Kefalonia? The most famous one is the Myrtos Beach. White sand beach facing the Ionian Sea and the cliff on the background, it is really magical. Other natural wonders in this island are including Melissani Lake, Koutavos Lagoon, and Dgorati Cave. You can also choose to o trekking on one of the mountains on this island.

    More than amazing natural wonders, Kefalonia also has unique culture of its local people. You can explore the daily life of Ionian people and feel their warm friendship. Taste the delicious local cuisine on the local market or restaurant. It is strong Mediterranean taste but rather different from mainstream Greek cuisine. Do you have interest in history? This island has a long history of civilization from the ancient Greek era, Middle Ages, Venetian rule, British and French colonization, to the modern Greek era. All reflected on many heritages in this island. So, there’s no reason to hesitate. This summer, visit Kefalonia for a vacation!

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